Partner to Save Money and Save a Life

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This article is sponsored by The Family Place.

I’m guilty of it. I come across a worthy cause and commit to supporting it. I will definitely contribute–after I knock out these errands. And finish this book. And so on, until I finally act, or more often, the cause slips my mind.

This article, benefitting The Family Place, offers an easy, feel-good solution to that challenge. Thanks to the Partners Card, we can literally save money while saving a life.

If it sounds too good to be true…

…it usually is. However, with a 27-year history of success, the Partners Card seems on track to be the exception to that rule. The signature fundraiser for the Family Place, it works on a simple model: supporters pay $70 for a 20% discount at retailers and a 10% discount at restaurants at over 750 participants in DFW.

That $70 translates to one night of safety for a victim of family violence at The Family Place, the largest family violence agency in Texas. See what I mean about literally saving money and a life at the same time?

As for the savings model, saving even $10 at one percent of the participants equals $75.00 in savings. A one percent participation rate puts you $5 in the black. Not bad.

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Saving money feels good. Saving lives feels great. Here’s the way to justify a shopping spree or dinner out you’ve been looking for. After all, it’s for a great cause.

Because of the Cause

The proceeds from Partners Card sales help fund The Family Place. They provide free services including shelter, counseling, education, medical care, legal aid, job training, and more to help women, children, and men impacted by family violence. Founder and CEO, Paige Flink, says it best.

The Family Place was created because women were dying at the hands of men who were supposed to love them. Until our organization was established in 1978, there were no services in Dallas to help women and children escape abuse in their homes.

Today, the Family Place also serves men who are victims of abuse. It’s the only shelter in Texas where these men can bring their kids with them when escaping dangerous conditions.

womanThey provide a broad spectrum of services that cover the often frightening timeline from victims in need of emergency shelter to survivors re-entering the workforce.

Additionally, they have staff who intervene with batterers to teach them better life skills.

In the more than forty years since it opened its doors, The Family Place has provided life-saving shelter to more than 25,000 women. It has counseled close to a quarter-million clients. Also, they offer all programs in English and Spanish to meet the needs of our diverse population.

Meeting Varied Needs

Domestic violence affects people of all ages, races, and social standing. That’s why The Family Place needs a fundraiser that appeals to a broad population. The Partners Card got its start 27 years ago with now CEO Paige Flink and some volunteers. Representing The Family Place, Lexie Houghtaling shared the background story:

Paige was working on the fundraising team and recruited volunteers to start Partners Card after being inspired by a similar event in Chicago. Partners Card started with 175 retailers and now there are over 750 participants all over DFW. The founding Partners Card team knew that DFW was the perfect place for a shopping event to support a nonprofit. Since its inception, Partners Card has become a DFW shopping tradition!

It’s great for the community and for The Family Place that this program is such a success. Those who purchase the card enjoy fantastic opportunities to save at favorite spots and discover new ones. The Family Place gains funding for the incredible work they do.

Why Should I Buy?

If not to feel great about saving money on retail or restaurants, buy a Partners Card to help fund as worthy a cause as you can find. The Family Place is there for victims of domestic violence at every step. Fleeing victims and their children can find a safe place to sleep.

shoppingOnce out of a dangerous environment, these survivors find emotional counseling, job search assistance and coaching, and medical and legal assistance as needed.

They also educate 7,500 middle and high school students each year about ways to engage in healthy relationships. Additionally, in an effort to keep loved ones together, The Family Place even welcomes pets.

Could This Be Any Better?

Amazingly, yes. The Partners Card expands to new areas and new businesses each year. This year, however, is special. New this year, they offer Partners Card Perks, with additional offerings from new brands.

Having launched e-commerce last year to allow customers to use their Partners Card discount at select online retailers, it follows that The Family Place is keeping pace with the community in an effort to always provide what is needed. Clearly, that’s in line with the organizations’ values. 

The Family Place Partners CardIf you’re looking for other ways to support The Family Place, consider attending any of its upcoming events:

  • September 18 – Legacy West Seller Soiree at Neighborhood Goods
  • October 1 – Southlake Celebration at Starpower
  • October 16 – Elizabeth W Party

If you’re interested, you’re a click away from learning more about these events and The Family Place. After all, shopping and eating your way to providing help for those in need is a pretty good way to feel pretty great.