Pet-Proofing Your House

Pets are great companions to have in your home. However, they can be just as destructive as they are adorable. Don’t stress just yet, there are some simple steps you can take to pet-proof your home. That way, you get the warm companionship of a pet with minimal damage.

First, we’ll begin with a list of things you should keep out of your pet’s reach:


–Cleaning chemicals

–Food (either yours or your pet’s)

–Children’s toys

–Dangling wires

–Sewing tools

–Other tools (hammers, saws, etc.)



–Sharp objects

Next, we’ll break down certain areas in your humble abode that you should keep closed if you have pets in the home:

–Toilet bowl lids


–Heating/air vents

If possible, obtain childproof latches for cabinets and drawers to prevent your pets from pawing their way inside. Finally, we’ll break down something similar–areas you should check before closing the door:

–Dryer/washing machines

–Car hoods

Additionally, you should double-check a room any time you close the door. You wouldn’t want to accidentally trap your pet in a room that they can’t get out of. So, always make sure you haven’t trapped them in any given room before leaving and closing the door.  Now that you’re more informed of basic ways to pet-proof your home, you’re ready to handle living with and taking care of a pet.