PGA in Frisco is Farther Along Than You Might Think

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No doubt about it, Frisco has PGA pride. As we should.

After all, this is a very big deal. The iconic PGA of America historically touts, “Your best golf is ahead of you.” In this case, they’re talking to YOU, Frisco.

In 2018, just north of Rockhill Parkway between Legacy Drive and Teel Pkwy and just south of US 380, the land that originally belonged to Bert Fields Jr. was sold to the City of Frisco, marking one of the biggest land deals the City has ever seen.

PGA of America Headquarters, along with two championship golf courses, is moving from Florida to Frisco and will anchor a $520 million upscale mixed-use development.

PGA Frisco rendering 2

Rendering – PGA Frisco, August 2020

Recent updates suggest the developers will deliver on their promise to create an extraordinary new home for the PGA of America. And perhaps, sooner than you thought. Construction commenced in August, as scheduled, and completion dates have been identified. PGA of America chief operating officer Darrell Crall shared,

This is a historic moment for the PGA of America, as we see the vision for our new PGA headquarters come to life. The modern home of American golf at PGA Frisco is now within our sight, and we’re delighted to break ground on our new state-of-the-art headquarters, which will serve as a destination for our nearly 29,000 PGA members and a catalyst for an inclusive and diverse workforce.

PGA Frisco August 2020 Update 2

Mark your calendars, Frisco.

The new headquarters has been referred to as the “Silicon Valley of Golf” for its potential to advance the game. Case in point, before construction was fully underway, the East Course was awarded the 2027 PGA Championship.

Get this — the entire course will be completed within the next two months. As of August 2020, 12 holes on the East Course and 10 holes on the West Course are complete, with the full 36 estimated to be finished by November 2020.

They want it to grow in for two complete seasons before they go to full public play, however, they will start allowing some invite-only rounds next year. Melanie Nance, Marketing Director for The Cheney Group, shared,

The upscale Omni hotel and resort, clubhouse, and retail areas will all be built at the same time and will be completed in early 2023. In May 2023, Frisco will host the first major tournament — the Kitchenaid Senior PGA Championship. Hopefully, we’ll see Phil Mickelson lift the trophy! There are also new golf communities with home sites planned to overlook the course, but it will likely be a few years before they become available.

How about some fast facts and photos?

— Construction on the new PGA of America headquarters began in August 2020, as scheduled, and is set to open in early 2022.

— The four-story glass-and-limestone building will house 150 PGA corporate employees. The 106,622-square-foot facility will sit on more than six acres of the total 660-acre PGA Frisco campus.

— $75 million of the project’s $520 million budget was set aside for two 18-hole championship golf courses, a 10-hole short course, and a 100,000-square-foot putting course.

PGA Frisco club

— The campus will include a clubhouse, high-end office space, a 500-room Omni Resort with an attached 127,000 square-foot conference center, a technologically advanced retail village, and open space.

— The practice facility, short course, and dance floor are estimated to be constructed February 2021 – May 2021.

— An 8-mile concrete road circles most of the property. When not in use for major tournaments, the path will be open to the public as part of Frisco’s hike and bike trail system.

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— As of late August 2020, the grading and utilities were underway for the Omni Hotel and Resort – these are estimated to be completed by January 2021, and the Resort completed as a whole by early 2023.

— The new PGA of America headquarters will become home to national player development and coaching programs.

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This public-private partnership teams the PGA of America with Omni Stillwater Woods (OSW), the City of Frisco, as well as its Economic and Community Development Corporations; and the Frisco Independent School District.

PGA’s additional 10-hole course will allow novices and children to learn in a less intimidating environment. Working closely with the school district as partners also means high schools in Frisco will immediately have access to practice, grow in the sport, and potentially produce a whole new generation of pro golfers.

Is your PGA pride more pronounced than ever? If you would enjoy PGA of America in your backyard, contact The Cheney Group — they’re ready to advise you about the neighboring communities.

The Cheney Group September 2020

Pictured: The Cheney Group on the campus of PGA Frisco

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