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What exactly is coding school? Learning to “code” — that is, write programming instructions for computers or mobile devices — can be both fun and challenging. Technology is advancing everywhere, exciting the minds of kids who want to use it to play, make, and share ideas.

TheCoderSchool Frisco, which opened in February 2017, is an after-school dropoff (and virtual) program for kids learning to code and where kids can learn computer coding all year long! Not only do they offer programs for sports, music lessons, and art to name a few, but also computer coding for kids! The future is likely to become more dependent on technology, so why not get our young generation ready to change the world?

Classes at theCoderSchool help create problem solvers and technical entrepreneurs who learn that they can use code to change their world for the better. 

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It’s no surprise to any parent that all kids are different. Some move faster and some move slower. Some kids want games, some kids want the web, and others still want algorithms and specific languages. Because all kids learn differently, theCoderSchool has a philosophy that kids should be taught differently.

Playing Games Turns Into Making Games

The secret to the school’s success is the super-small teaching ratio adding an individualized immersion-style to get kids learning to code in no time.

Instead of teaching kids using software, the school’s focus is on a mentor relationship with experienced code coaches who can guide students through the challenges of their amazing technical journey.

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Coaches can customize and personalize based on the student’s interests, making for a much more engaging experience. Instead of learning concepts from a curriculum, students are introduced to coding by building stuff, and then by building more stuff!

TheCoderSchool starts with a more traditional learning environment by offering a “Code Class” that generally teaches by breaking down a game into component parts and then having the kids build, embellish and understand those parts as they go. Playing games turns into making games!

Practice, Practice and More Practice

Getting kids to code consistently throughout the year is the way for them to really learn to code. And that’s again where Code Coaches come in, providing a long-term mentoring relationship to teach kids to code, from someone who is a coder themselves

Students can also experience the semi-private lesson program where kids are taught on a ratio of 2:1 or 1:1 and can get the attention needed to dig deep and learn real coding constructs. This weekly one-hour session gives students a great opportunity for social experiences with kids the same age and level. Kids might want to bring a friend or meet someone new.

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This program works for all ages and skill levels. Students can move at their own pace doing things that interest them most, with the school offering classes from game development to web apps with coaches helping kids reach their programming goals. 

Scratch is a beginner-level program for students 6-11 years of age and is a block-based language meaning kids use color-coded drag and drop blocks so that the code is easier to understand, and they don’t have to type very much. Python, another beginner code class for ages 8-14 teaches students the fundamentals of computer programming through Python, a newer and popular coding language.

TheCoderSchool Turned Coders Into VOTERS!

TheCoderSchool Frisco introduces new events for all of the students and community to participate in. Just recently a brand new and exciting event titled Coders are Voters allowed students to practice using their voices for change while incorporating coding.

The challenge was to create a project using their programming language of choice where they present two sides of an argument and debate on it. Playstation vs Xbox? Marvel vs DC? The choice was the student’s and then they recorded themselves demonstrating and explaining the project.


When finished, the project was posted to the school’s social media and the voting began, with the end result being a Coder School student elected to be Student President of theCoderSchool Frisco

And congratulations to the winners, the new Co-Student Presidents of theCoderSchool Frisco! A lot of different factors came into this decision. All submissions were reviewed. Congratulations Anoushka Kolatkar and Gino Melfi! They’ll be working together on future events for theCoderSchool Frisco location!

The school offers 30-minute in person complimentary trials (as well as virtual). Aspiring coders are welcome to use their new-found passion as a stepping stone to start thinking outside the box, to channel their ideas in a creative way, and most importantly, to have fun! 

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