Preparing For an Emergency Evacuation

Disaster can strike at anytime, and that may mean you have to evacuate your home unexpectedly. This means you should be prepared in case something like this happens. Making a plan for you and/or your family will help in the long run. Here are some steps you can take to prepare.

Home Escape Plan

Having an escape plan for your home will help you and your family know how to get out of the house. When creating one walk through the house or apartment noting every possible exit to different kinds of scenarios.You should always have two exit strategies from each room if possible. For any exit routes involving windows, you want to make sure they are unobstructed and easy to open. If there is a family member such as an infant,individual with a disability or an elder. You should assign someone to help get them out of the house.

There should also be a plan for anyone who may live in a 2 story house or above. In case the route to the first floor is blocked or you can’t make it downstairs. Having a way to get out of the house from the second floor is necessary.

Once you have a plan in place you will want to practice it with your family. That way everyone will have an idea of what to do. Practicing a drill at home may seem out of place, but having your family prepared can keep people safe from injury.

Route to Leave the Area

Sometimes an emergency evacuation will require you to leave the area you are in. If this is the case for where your house is located, you should have a place or places where you and other occupants can meet up if you are separated. If the evacuation is widespread others will be looking to get out as well, this can cause traffic jams. Having multiple routes will ensure that if a particular route is cut off, you have a back up. Having multiple routes and transport options to get to those places will be beneficial as well.

Along with having a predetermined location, you should prepare an emergency bag stocked with items you may need. Having an individual bag for each family member will make sure everyone has items and possibly their own supply of things. You should also have an emergency bag in the vehicle you might use to help evacuate.

Nobody really thinks that they might have to evacuate their home. However, if you follow these tips you can help ensure that your family is prepared. It’s better to have a plan in place than no plan at all.