Preparing Your Car For The Winter Season

For some winter is coming, and for others it is already here. Most people have already prepped for for the cold season. But many haven’t or have yet to prepare their car for it. Preparing your car for the coming winter months is just as important as preparing yourself. Here are some tips to help prepare  your vehicle to handle the weather this season.

Car Maintenance

In general a check up of your car, is essential to do before the winter season comes around. On top of just a routine oil change, have your mechanic thoroughly check your car. Have them make sure your vehicle’s systems are good to go. When cars are exposed to extreme weather changes, it can have an affect on the car. If you don’t plan on going out for a day, still start the car to make sure nothing freezes over.

Have your tires checked as well. When the temperature drops, your tires air pressure drops as well. Having low tire pressure can affect the handling of your car. Check to make sure the pressure in the tire is at a good level. If you need new tires, be sure to check out snow tires because they are made to better handle inclement weather.

Check The Exterior

Just as within the vehicle you should look at the outside as well. Make sure your windshield wipers are in working order. It’s ideal to replace the blades because they are often exposed to different weather. It’s always best to replace at the change of the season, or if a big storm is headed your way.

Be sure to also check your headlights and rear lights to make sure they work. Cleaning the lenses will go a long way in helping you see better at night and also in inclement weather. You should replace the bulbs if needed or not. Having new lights makes it less likely that they will go out during the winter months.

Have An Emergency Kit

One should always be prepared for any kind of emergency when out on the road. During the winter months, this is especially important because of the cold weather can affect your vehicle. If your car stops working for some reason and you have to wait for roadside assistance, the wait can be easier to manage if you have the gear.

For a winter emergency kit there should be items to help combat the cold. This includes gloves, blankets, jackets, boots, hats, sand or cat litter (for traction on the road). You should also have ice scrapers and maybe a shovel in case.

Making sure your vehicle is in good shape for winter doesn’t need to be a harrowing experience. If you take care of your car throughout the year, then the winter season won’t be too much of a hassle. It’s just best to take care of things before hand, that way it isn’t becoming a problem down the line.