Remaining Safe While Bicycling

A Good Bike

In order to begin this journey, you will need a bike. There are many kinds of bikes, some are tailored to city biking, off road mountain biking, BMX biking, and more. Depending on the kind of riding you plan on doing, it’s best to look for bikes geared towards what you plan on doing. I recommend going into a bike shop, as people there will be able to give you a more in depth view about the kinds of bikes. In some cases you can even have a bike made customized for you.

Safety Gear and Equipment

Whether in the bike shop or online, look for helmets. In the event of an accident you might be thankful for that extra bit of protection. Reflective clothing is also essential to have in case your riding at night.

Outfit your bike with a head and tail lights as well for night time riding. Doing so will let motorists know that they’re not alone on the road. Make sure to get a bike lock for when you need to lock your bike outside or anywhere someone might have access to it. A bike is a serious investment just like a car, and you have to protect it. Buy a backpack that can carry all of your items that you can sling over your back or strap to the bike itself without too much trouble.

Be Alert and Follow The Rules

If you decide to ride your bike in the street where the cars are at. You are required to abide by the same rules as cars do. As much responsibility that is on a motorist to look out for a biker, the biker is responsible for looking out for a motorist. 

Look up your state’s laws to find out and road regulations you need to follow. Knowing where bike lanes are at will also help. Constantly riding will also help you improve and gain confidence when riding. Practice if you need to in empty parking lots or around your neighborhood.

Enjoy The Ride

While there are things to worry about when riding a bike, don’t let it deter you from enjoying the ride. Riding a bike can be a fun experience, it can be a bit safer in some aspects, while definitely being healthier. The biker community is a very welcoming and if you have any questions they will be more than happy to help you. Have fun out there and be safe.