Rental Property: Adjusting To COVID-19

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has put everyone’s lives on hold, certain parts of life are essential to living. One such essential part of life is housing, for which many people rent their home. Yet, due to the effects of living with COVID-19, people may be reluctant to visit properties. However, as conditions in Illinois improve, and as summer renting season approaches, more people should be out looking for property. For that reason, we thought we could put together a post about showing and/or visiting a rental property safely. This post is intended for renters and agents who regularly show properties to clients. 


Whether you are a real estate agent or a leasing agent, you likely have shown rental properties in your career. Surely, you’ve got your own list of preparations you make before showing a rental property. Some agents show up a half hour before to make sure the home is in order, some may even do a little cleaning. But with the situation facing us all, new preparations should be made to ensure your client has a safe and pleasant experience. Typically, a potential tenant is more worried about rent, utilities, insurance, and now COVID-19. So, give them some peace of mind by sanitizing commonly touched surfaces before and after showing. This means using disinfecting wipes or sprays on door knobs and handles, light switches, counter tops, along with any other surface you believe will be touched. 

Another way you can give your client some peace of mind is by asking them to wear a face mask. Obviously you would wear one, but requesting your client wear one prior to showing the property shows them you care.

You’ll want to make sure you ask them well in advance so they can make the proper arrangements. Not only will you be complying with the Governor’s orders, but you will be making the situation as safe as possible. 


If you want to have a safe and good experience viewing a rental property, make the proper preparations. As stated before, wearing a mask not only complies with the Governor’s orders, but shows people you care. Although an agent would unlikely turn away a client for not wearing a mask, it makes everyone safer. If you do not have a mask, ask the agent showing the property if they have any spare ones.


Another item worth carrying around while you visit rental properties is hand sanitizer. Although some agents may leave a bottle of hand soap at their properties, not all of them do. The CDC recommends people use hand sanitizer of at least 60 percent alcohol to kill COVID-19. You should carry a small bottle with you as you visit multiple properties. 

Virtual Tours

Lastly, and this is a note for agents and renters, utilize virtual touring. We face a challenging time, and many people may not be comfortable viewing a home even with proper precautions. Thankfully, technology allows us to show properties without being in them. Some may already be familiar with virtual tours, but now is the time to take advantage of them. With virtual tours, you can view a property from the comfort of home. Additionally, as an agent, you can get your property more viewings since more people can access it.