Road Trip Checklist

Summer is a perfect time for travel, especially when it comes to road trips. Although flying is convenient, road trips allow you to explore the country in better detail. Having the windows down, with the wind rushing through the vehicle on an open road can be almost intoxicating. Yet, if something were to go wrong, say a flat tire or the fuel tank is empty, do you have a plan? Do you have a road trip checklist of items for emergency situations?      

Preparing a road trip is never a bad thing, and checklist will give you and some peace of mind. Many of the items are good to keep in the vehicle regardless of where you are headed.       


Just because you are sitting while driving does not mean you are not using energy. The driver uses a good deal of mental power concentrating on the road, while possibly maintaining a side conversation. Replacing that used energy is important for the safety of all in the car. Although coffee is a good stimulant, there are better foods to obtain energy that won’t lead to an energy crash.       

The best foods for road trips are healthy and non-messy. Sugary, fatty foods will provide short term energy only, where foods like nuts, seeds, and fruits provide lasting energy. Again, it depends on the messiness of the food, because trying to peel a banana or unshell pistachios can be distracting while driving.           

An excellent food that is high in protein and low in mess is beef jerky. The protein provides a sense of fullness and does not spoil easily. It may not be wise to leave food in a vehicle for emergency situations but packing food that won’t spoil fast on road trips can come in handy.       

Emergency Kit      

An emergency kit can be useful on road trips as well as your daily commute. Store-bought kits usually include jumper cables, flares, water, granola bars, and a tire inflator, etc. However, many people like to make their own kit specifically for their needs.       

Other items that can be useful are small hand-held GPS devices, satellite phone,   or even a compass. Always pack according to the needs of the trip, meaning if you are going somewhere hot bring extra water.       

Road-side assistance      

Emergency kits, although helpful, cannot handle all emergency situations. Insurance Navy’s road-side assistance is made for those situations that require a tow truck, tire change, or emergency delivery of supplies like water and gas.

There are different plans that include some services and not others. However, the coverage extends to all parts of the U.S. and extends to Canada, ensuring coverage to matter the state.       

Another benefit to road-side assistance coverage are the discounts and reimbursement on rental cars when your vehicle is in the shop. It may be less useful if you are on a road trip, but at least vehicle repairs will not stop your daily commute.