Sidharth Sood – Winner of Y.E.A. Investors Pitch Panel in Frisco


Interview #70

Winner of the 2019 Young Entrepreneurs Academy “Investors Pitch Panel,” Sidharth Sood has founded Arise Wearables – a startup that creates wearable technology through shoes that take the energy from your steps and use it to power built-in technology. 

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Show Notes:

0:42 – Who is Sidharth and what is his company – Arise
1:23 – What is the technology behind the Arise shoes
1:55 – What has it been like for Sidharth to participate in Arise
2:24 – What are the next steps for Arise as a company
3:14 – What have been some of Sidharth’s biggest challenges
4:00 – How can you support Sidharth and Arise
4:19 – When can you get a pair of Arise sneakers

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