“Simple is Doable,” Says Practical Fitness

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#CurrentMood: I wish I could drop my body off at the gym and pick it back up when it’s ready… but I don’t think that would workout.

Let’s be practical. Whether you wish to lose weight, gain strength or both, if you have fitness goals, you’re going to have to do something. But “the something” doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s actually quite simple.

Start with these 5 simple rules.

Rule #1: Eat Enough Protein — To build and support muscles, you must eat protein. Protein contains the amino acids that repair and rebuild muscles. Protein also helps you stay fuller longer, which helps you lose fat. Whether you’re a vegan, meat-lover, or vegetarian, you should strive to eat enough protein to repair and build muscle. Hint: that’s usually the same number of grams as the number of pounds you weigh.

Rule #2: Take Time for Yourself — Between work, family, friends, and life (i.e. COVID adjustments), you’ve got a lot going on. You’re probably rushing around, trying to get it all done while being pulled in a million different directions. But, your sanity depends on slowing down and making time for yourself. Whether it’s meditation, prayer, or exercise, you need to focus on you before you run yourself ragged and find yourself unhealthy, inside and out.

Rule #3: Be Consistent — Consistency, in diet and exercise, is a skill. None of it works if you’re not consistent. Find what works best for you, your schedule, and your lifestyle. The only way to fail at fitness is to quit…and you’re no quitter.

Rule #4: Make Sleep a Priority — Getting enough sleep can help protect your mental health, physical health, quality of life, and safety. The way you feel when you’re awake depends on (in part) the quality of your sleep. And if you don’t sleep well, there’s always coffee, but caffeine only lasts for so long. During sleep, the body is hard at work to support healthy brain function and to repair and recuperate your body. And if quality sleep is an issue, it will catch up with you eventually, because you’ll be too tired to workout.

Rule #5: Engage in Resistance Training — While it’s true it doesn’t matter what type of resistance training you engage in (because your body can’t tell the difference between a dumbbell, a rock, or your own bodyweight), almost all of us go too easy on ourselves when it comes to weight training.

And that, my friend, is where Practical Fitness comes in… Having a decent amount of muscle mass and strength (yes, all you 40+ moms out there, I’m looking at you!) will act as armor for whatever the world throws at you. Plus, you’ll look better naked. 😉

Practical Fitness is NOW in Plano, too.

As most “big box” gyms are closing their doors permanently, we’re excited to announce that Practical Fitness has expanded from Frisco and its four other locations across Texas to open a new gym in Plano.

Practical Fitness Plano 1

While our original locations are in the Austin, Texas, area, our expansion plan for the Dallas Metroplex area calls for 8 studios to be open sequentially. Being a 100% private, one-on-one exercise facility, there’s a limit to how many clients we can see in each studio.

With our Chapel Creek, Frisco location continuing to grow, we needed to increase our capacity in North Dallas, and Willow Bend, Plano was a natural area for us to do exactly that.

— Jeff Gotte, co-owner and founder, Practical Fitness

The new Plano location follows a new, one-room open-floor model PracFit now implements at all of their locations. It’s extremely modern, with state-of-the-art equipment, giving clients full privacy during their workouts.

So, what can you expect at Practical Fitness Plano? A safe, INTENSE, and effective workout. As you can see from the video below, all exercises are performed at a super-slow pace…

[embedded content]

The muscle endurance and fatigue you experience are beyond explanation. You just have to try it for yourself. The experience is 100% personalized to your needs, abilities, and goals every single time you workout.

It’s is a high-intensity (customized to each individuals abilities), zero-impact (safe for the joints and body), full-body strength-training exercise session that’s also conditioning your heart/pulmonary system. Our steadypace™ technique will work your muscles, heart, and metabolism in manner that prompts real and proven results. And again, we are 100% private, only you and your trainer working on your goals.

— Jeff Gotte, co-owner and founder, Practical Fitness

Keeping bones strong, increasing your energy levels, supporting good posture, and increasing your metabolism to help you lose weight, Practical Fitness only needs to see you once or twice a week to achieve all your fitness goals and stay healthy.

No matter your age or current physical condition, including previous injuries or surgeries, you are capable of achieving a bold new level of fitness at Practical Fitness.

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From fat loss and improved functionality to reversing high blood pressure, Type II diabetes, and keeping Osteoporosis and Osteopenia at bay, Practical Fitness guarantees you’ll see results in four sessions or your money back!

Ready to try it? Practical Fitness is now offering a no-cost 1-hour private consultation to experience the most effective workout around. And bonus — you can execute your steadypace® sessions at the studio or at-home through live video.

Chapel Creek, Frisco Studio:
8501 Wade Blvd, Suite 1340

NEW Plano, Willow Bend Studio:
5512 W. Plano Parkway, Suite 200  Plano, TX  75093