Spring Cleaning Tasks To Avoid Home Insurance Claims

Spring brings a fresh wave of excitement for warmer temperatures and with that, spring cleaning. There are a few spring cleaning tasks to do to avoid home insurance claims. Consider paying special attention to these spring cleaning tasks and possibly avoid filing a claim this year:

Clean the dryer lint hose

Clean out your lint trap thoroughly at least once a year. A clogged hose makes a dryer less efficient and it can spark a fire. Spring is a perfect time to clean the lint hose thoroughly to prevent fire risks.

Change batteries on all detectors

Check every smoke detector in your home and make sure the batteries are in working condition.

Clean or replace HVAC filters

Check your HVAC filter and clean or replace them as needed. Clean filters can save you money by keeping energy costs down and extend the life of your blower motor.

Repair tripping hazards

Start small and haul away dead tree branches and other debris that may cause injuries and homeowners insurance claims. Move onto bigger projects and check your sidewalks and driveway for cracked concrete and repair these as well.

Clean out gutters 

When your gutters are full of debris, they can not direct water away from your foundation and water may find its way into your house.