Stacy Alton – Leading Collaborative Critical Thinking at Leadership Prep


Interview #62

Born and raised in Oklahoma, Stacy Alton, Superintendent of Leadership Prep School, got here as fast as she could. Under her leadership, Stacy is guiding Leadership Prep students through a practical, project-based learning curriculum, plus preparing them for the workforce of the future.

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Show Notes:

0:44 – What is Stacy’s background and how did she get to Frisco
2:09 – How is Leadership Prep School different from other schools in Frisco
4:03 – Why is the School based on “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” book
5:13 – How is Leadership Prep honing the leadership skills of its students
6:11 – How can parents get more information on Leadership Prep and enrollment
6:48 – How can business and community leaders bring “real world” experience to Leadership Prep School students

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