Staying Safe With Fireworks

July 4th is rapidly approaching, so that means fireworks are coming. There will be official firework shows that you will be able to attend. However there will also be consumer fireworks at many houses in the days leading up. Consumer fireworks are very dangerous. They contribute to the cause of injuries and fires each year. Here’s some advice to stay safe with fireworks.

Laws On Consumer Fireworks

If you plan on using any consumer fireworks, be sure to read up on your state laws. Some states are against having any consumer fireworks. While others have a variety of small scale fireworks you can use. Before going to the fireworks store and loading up, be sure to check what the laws are in your state.
This will help you avoid illegal fireworks as well. It’s recommended that you avoid buying fireworks from anyone that isn’t licensed to sell them. Fireworks can be volatile, and have explosive material inside them. Buying them from random people off the street is a recipe for disaster. They are dangerous enough as is.

Tips To Remain Safe

Supervise your children: Most kids love fireworks but you should keep them away for them if you can. If they do however play with sparklers or something don’t leave them unsupervised. 
Use caution: When you plan on using fireworks, take precautions. Having a fire extinguisher on hand is highly recommended, if not then a source of water. Be sure to pour water on the firework after it’s been used.
Outside use only: This should go without saying, but don’t use fireworks indoors. Keep them outside and away from anything flammable. 
Avoid aiming them at people: Fireworks can harm people easily enough without help. Avoid aiming any at another person. 
With all this info you can keep yourself safe if you decide to use fireworks on any holiday.