Super Bowl Party Guide: Keeping Your Home Intact

Once a year, Americans from all over get together with friends and family to watch a single event, the Super Bowl. Millions tune in to watch the NFL’s best teams take each other on. Of course, most people are not watching it alone, which means there will be plenty of parties this coming Sunday. If you happen to be hosting a party at your house this year, you may be looking for a guide. This post will go over some ways you can improve your party, keep your home intact, and keep guests entertained. From snack foods to accident prevention, we’ll try to touch on as many things to help your Super Bowl party run smoothly.

Snack Time

One of the highlights of any Super Bowl party is the snacks and dips provided by the host. If you plan on having quite a few people over, then you’ll need plenty of food to keep them happy. Luckily, Consumer Reports posted a few great recipes to feed your crowd. The best part about the recipes comes from their nutritional value over typical party food. Your guests won’t feel bad about going for seconds because you did such a good job providing them with a healthy, delicious snack.  

Super Bowl party food doesn’t have to be unhealthy. Try some alternate recipes that taste great.

Moving Furniture

Before everyone gathers around the TV to watch the game, you’ll want plenty of space and seats. In order to create space, you will likely need to rearrange some furniture. Unless you have carpet flooring, moving couches, lazy boys, or other large furniture pieces could leave scratches or marks. Avoid unsightly marks and scratches by using furniture sliders, and never move heavy furniture alone. Although certain flooring damage may be covered by your homeowner’s insurance, scratches or marks from moving furniture is unlikely coverable. Additionally, some people may choose to add furnishings, such as extra seating, tables, or upgrade their TV. Coincidentally, plenty of stores are having convenient sales going on right now. 

Finding A Space

Another key component to a great Super Bowl party is finding room for everyone’s car. Depending on where you live, this task may be very easy or a real life game of Tetris. If your home has street parking, make sure guests know where they can and where they cannot park. The last thing someone wants to see on their car is a ticket, and that’s if they do not get towed first. To avoid problems, you should get a head count on guests including how many cars would be coming with.

Making Sure Everyone Gets Home

Since the big game is on a Sunday and most workplaces do not get off the following Monday, it might be a good idea to not drink alcohol. There are several good reasons to avoid the sauce this Sunday, especially for those who plan on driving home. In fact, the typical BAC, or blood alcohol content, on Super Bowl Sunday 2014 was .91% according to tracked data by BACtrack. As you may already know, the legal limit to drive is 0.8, so there should be a lot of cabs or ride-shares called. As the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has put it, Fans Don’t Let Fans Drive Drunk.

Take-Home Message

The big game Sunday means plenty of folks will host their own Super Bowl party. Use this guide’s advice and links as a way to ensure the success of your party. Prepare healthy yet hardy snacks, create plenty of room for guests to watch, and make sure everyone can get home safely. Let’s all do our best to stay safe yet have a great time watching one of the biggest events of the year.