The Best Indian Restaurants in Frisco to Try Now

indian food

Curries. Naan. Kofta. Indian food is crave-creating food.

A good curry can warm you from the inside out and bring comfort on the rainiest or coldest of days.

Naan, a soft and tender bread traditionally baked in a tandoor (a clay oven used in traditional Indian cooking), is universally loved, it’s texture improved only when used as a scoop for a delicious curry or creamy butter chicken.

Briyani, a rice dish known for its vibrant colors and flavors, is the best of Indian food in one plate, fluffy rice infused with the delicate (or spicy) curry flavors we love intertwined with sauteed vegetables, beautifully prepared chicken or Paneer cheese is as delicious as it is comforting.


Indian food is on an upswing in popularity and with good reason.

It’s good flavor, incredible variety and something sure to please everyone.

Lucky for us, Frisco is home to some incredible authentic and wonderful Indian restaurants, with a wide range of menu and regional options. Whether you’re not sure where to start or you’re already a fan but want to find some new favorites, we’ve got you covered.

This North Frisco spot has a big menu. And I mean BIG. It’s a perfect place to hit if you have a big group because they offer something for everyone. Vegetarians in your group? The vegetarian menu is strong. Have picky eaters who want traditional Asian comfort foods while you enjoy your curry?

The IndoChinese portion of the menu will fit the bill. And, for those who want to explore regional cuisine and break out of the ordinary–they’ve got you too. Bawarchi’s online menu is easy to navigate and order through, so for those nights you want to order in and pick it up on your way home, it’s an easy go-to.

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This Vegetarian Indian Restaurant is known for its Dosas (a crispy crepe-like wrapping, typically filled with any matter of savory or sweet delights) is a wonderful hidden gem. With a full and varied of Indian favorites (curries and masalas) along with some amazing Dosas to try–the Paper Masala and Ghee Masala Dosas both come highly recommended–this is a great spot to take the whole family.

This fast-casual Indian cafe has set out to redefine Indian dining in Frisco. Offering a full variety of Indian specialties, think curries and masalas and Biryanis, this restaurant is the exclusive carrier of meat from its sister farm (Farm2Cook) and allows you to order delicious meals to go, for delivery or even in bulk for catering. Making delicious food convenient has served Farm2Cafe well and allows you to have restaurant-style Indian meals in your own home.

This Fast-casual restaurant in The Star provides tasty Indian favorites in the fun and trendy atmosphere of Frisco’s hotspot Star. Craving some tikka masala but feeding picky kids? Roti has you covered with a kid-pleasing menu just for the little ones, allowing you to experience your favorite flavors without the whining.

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Want some authentic Indian food but prefer making it yourself? Interested in tackling some new recipes with traditional Indian ingredients? Why not check out Hareli Fresh Market? This Indian grocery is filled to the brim with spices, fresh vegetables, and authentic curries. The grocers are always friendly and willing to answer any questions and make recommendations, too, so if you’ve got a craving but need some guidance, this is the place to go.

Did we miss your favorites? Tell us where you go to get your curry fix. We’d love to try your recommendations, too.