The Best Places to Go in Frisco for a GNO

Girls Night Out Friends

Girlfriends, it’s not what you should be doing…it’s what you could be doing!

Wait – flip that around. This actually is something you should be doing… Making space in your life to grab much-needed time with your girlfriends.

It’s not just about ditching your responsibilities and your messy bun for an evening of rosé and laughter. That’s part of it, but there are other important reasons to have a Girls Night Out.

Top 5 Reasons to Say Y-E-S to a GNO

  • You can find out how your girlfriends are really doing. You’ve seen her social media posts featuring the kids doing this and that, but what’s really going on in her life? It’s a chance to look into her eyes and say, “How are you?”
  • Whether it’s because she said, “Your outfit is so cute!” or because she told you a relatable story that made you feel normal, it’s all very good for the soul. Girlfriends are encouraging.
  • You don’t have to shave your legs. Well, maybe you should if it’s sundress season, but the point is — it’s not a date with your special someone and there are no expectations to be date night glamorous.
  • It’s a legit excuse to skip out on your normal responsibilities, whether that’s bathtime with the kids or getting some extra work done for the office. Ditch it.
  • You can put the plates down. As in, the many, many plates that you’re spinning on a daily basis.


Great Places to Go in Frisco for a GNO

So now that we’ve established WHY you need a Girl’s Night Out, where do you want to go? Here are some fantastic options that are close to home. (And please remember, calories don’t count on girl’s night.)

This historic building-turned-delicious gem in the heart of The Rail District has become synonymous with GNO’s and date nights. This locally owned wine bar and kitchen is the perfect place to enjoy a superb wine or savor a craft beer, eat food that warms the soul, and cozy up by fire pits while listening to live music on the one-of-a-kind patio. Perhaps the most GNO-esque thing about eight|11? Bachelor Mondays.

The dimly lit lounge and bar with dark wood and a speak-easy vibe is a cool blend of sophisticated and relaxed. Let’s put it this way – you don’t need to go to uptown Dallas to feel chic. The bartenders know how to make classy cocktails, the bites are sophisticated and flavorful, and it’s an intimate enough space that you won’t drown in crowds. Bottles of wine are half off on Wednesdays, so maybe that’s your day, or, enjoy live music on Fridays.

Most women today are so busy trying to do all the things, they don’t make space for the rest and rejuvenation they need. Crystal Gornto, Founder of HeartStories, created a fun monthly GNO event series that helps women reconnect with their girlfriends, and themselves, to inspire the joy they crave and the courage to pursue their purpose. It’s like a mini-retreat in the middle of the week! These must-try events are held on the first Thursday of each month at fantastic locations around Frisco.

This Shops at Starwood spot serves eclectic, progressive American fare and craft cocktails. The ambiance is warm, lively, and the patio includes the twinkle lights we all adore when we relax by night. They’re known for really good food, namely the Naked Avocado Salad, Latin Fire Pizza, and the TruMac, among many other dishes. Their proud of their wine program and have perfected some terrific specialty cocktails that include fresh muddled fruits. (Try the Black Splash.)

Brunch, Lunch, Happy Hour or Dinner, Bonnie Ruth’s Neighborhood Bistro has french fare waiting for you. They LOVE a Happy Hour here, so you’ll find great specials and make a note — half-price bottles of wine on Wednesdays. They have a beautiful patio and decadent french desserts, so come ready to indulge in every way possible.

The 100-year-old house boasts historic charm through and through, from the dark, old wood and tiles to the delicious Scratch food menu. It’s located right next door to eight|11 Place, so bonus: if you’re sitting on the patio, you get to share their live music. Furthermore, you’re a very short stroll away from Sunny Paige and the other adorable boutiques. Sip, shop, and stroll, ladies! Heritage Table has some incredible small plates and shareable items (those deviled eggs, omg!) and a lot of great gluten-free options on the menu.

While Tupelo Honey’s southern charm-meets-modern decor, huge patio, and ah-maze-ing southern fare is reason to visit any time of day, you should know they have insanely cheap martinis until 4:00 pm, Monday-Friday. They’re seventy-five CENTS, y’all. Because it’s 5:00 somewhere. Located at The Star in Frisco, it’s a fun place to “see and be seen” and bonus – they have a number of round tables, which make for easier conversation when in a group.

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We know that making time for friendships is important. We know there are benefits to our mental health, confidence, happiness, and sense of self. We need to laugh, we need to cry, and sometimes we need to talk.

Maybe we just need a break from our responsibilities. Make plans to stop spinning the plates for an evening and enjoy a little girl time.

And, we want to know…what is your favorite place for a GNO? Please leave a comment.