The Ritchey Gin – A Frisco Development “Ritch” in History

The Ritchey Gin Frisco Texas Nack Dev

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The Ritchey Gin building held many names and purposes over the last century or so, and the once-prosperous cotton gin played an important role in Frisco’s original downtown area. The railroad tracks that serve as an artery to the heart of Frisco were the perfect location for commerce of this kind, and farmers would come from every direction to bring their crops to the center of the city of Frisco.

There were many gins in historic downtown Frisco, colloquially coined the Rail District, and there were more owners and operators than just Mr. H.C. Ritchey as owner and operator.

I researched how many cotton gins Frisco had way back when. Did you know that Frisco once had five cotton gins at one time? I don’t know if that’s impressive or not, so let’s just say it was. As a side note, I tried to do more research regarding what the “H.C.” in Mr. H.C. Ritchey stood for and couldn’t find it. So I’m going to say it stood for “Haulin’ Cotton” because that would be an awesome story. Your life’s pretty predetermined if that’s the case, right?

The former location of one of the gins, with the vision of Nack Development, will be revived where Frisco Square Blvd. meets 1st Street. Elm Street will be to the south, and 2nd Street will be to the west. This newest development to the Rail District will open late 2021 and offer 7,500 square feet of restaurant space designed to accommodate two restaurants as well as 128,000 square feet of office space.

The Frisco Planning and Zoning Committee recently approved the Ritchey Gin project by a vote of 5-0 paving the way to, as Nack Development says, “reactivate these Downtown Frisco sidewalks from sun up to sundown…keeping true to a history that never rests.”

Considering the invention of the cotton gin boosted productivity, Nack Development is hoping that the Ritchey Gin development promotes a similar boost in productivity within the Rail District.

The Ritchey Gin Frisco TX Nack Dev

Let The Party Be-Gin

Additionally, Nack Development is planning another unique detail for this concept. The open space will feature an art installation representative of the rich (or “Ritch”) history that influenced current day Downtown Frisco. This concept should integrate nicely with the 4th Street Plaza between Main and Elm Street that is pedestrian-focused. Walkability and accessibility have been at the forefront of all of Nack’s planning in the Rail District thus far.

With the resurgence of the Rail District and Downtown Frisco from a development standpoint, promoting progress and preservation while also creating commerce and community is the core vision of both Nack Development and the City of Frisco. The city took the speed limit on the stretch of Main that runs through the Rail District down to a level that promotes safe foot traffic along with the obvious vehicle traffic.

I’m not saying the Rail District will turn into the next French Quarter or anything, but the merging of old and new, classic and cool, historic and happening is planned and projected.

As another side note, I think I was trying too hard for alliteration there with “historic and happening.” Does anyone say “happening” anymore to describe a popular venue? Did Mr. H.C. Ritchey used to say it back in the day? Is that what the “H” stands for in his name?

Either way, color me intrigued to see what the Ritchey Gin brings to this area. There were once five gins around the railroad tracks for obvious reasons. Now Nack Development is adding the Ritchey Gin to their other developments such as The Tower at the Rail, the Patios at the Rail, The Calaboose, and the Nack Theater. If my math is correct that’s one development for each gin, at least in spirit. That sounds like a pretty happening concept, wouldn’t you agree Mr. H.C.?

A Nack for Placemaking

Lifestyle Frisco has interviewed Donny Churchman, President and Owner of Nack Development a couple of times. Lifestyle Frisco has interviewed Frisco Development Services Director John Lettelleir as well. Watch the videos, and you’ll see people committed to enhancing an area while preserving an area.

In addition to reading, watching, and listening to more about Nack Development on our site, give a visit to Nack’s website and social media to further understand the vision of the company and their projects in Frisco, Texas.

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