Things You Should Keep in Your Car vs. Things You Shouldn’t

Car break-ins are a very common offense. There are numerous factors that make your car more likely (or less likely) to be a target to criminals.

Some criminals are even developing technology of their own to manipulate the remote locking systems to break in and steal items. However, some people allow their cars to be easy targets.

A surprising number of Americans leave their car unlocked which makes it much too easy to have items stolen or even your entire car stolen…that would for sure steepen your auto insurance costs.

This conversation is important to open up right now since there has been many reported cases of stolen guns out of cars, especially unlocked ones.

This is a major issue because there are already massive quantities of illegal weapons in the streets and this is only feeding the problem. Authorities also have come to realize that if a thief finds an unlocked car with something useful to them, they will continue to hit those neighborhoods.

Law enforcement would like to remind citizens to lock their car and never leave their firearms in their vehicle; either keep them locked in your safe or on you if you must have it with you.

Guns are not the only thing you should not leave in your vehicle. There are many other things you should not leave in your vehicle while there are some essentials that you should keep in there.

Here are a few do’s and don’ts of items that you leave in your car.


Laptop, Tablet, Etc.

Do not leave your laptop, tablet, or any other electronics in your vehicle any time you leave it unattended. Not only will the heat destroy them, but thieves will be more likely to grab onto pricey electronics that they can make a profit of sorts on.

Water Bottle

This may sound a little ridiculous, but plastic water bottles and hot cars do not mix well. The plastic can heat up and burn the seats while the chemicals seep into the water that you may try to drink later.


May sound obvious, but never leave any person in a car. Cars can heat up and become deadly, especially to children and elders who are most frequently left or forgotten in cars.


Pets are considered a member of the family, right? That means that they would suffer as well in a hot car. Do not leave your pet in a hot car, they are extremely susceptible to heat stroke and you may not realize just how quickly it heats up in there.


The heat of your car causes medication to lose its effectiveness. Never leave any medicine, especially prescriptions in your vehicle.


Jumper Cables

A dead car battery can be a significant inconvenience that can cost you much more than necessary. By keeping jumper cables in your car you can avoid wasting time waiting for someone to come along with one or save money on paying to tow your car.

Spare Tire

This item will also help you save time and money when you get into a pinch. If you end up using your spare tire, make sure you replace it ASAP so that you do not get stranded and/or having to pay the price.


Especially helpful and reliable in the event of an emergency (or just to find some papers that slid under the seat). Just be sure that there are good batteries inside.

First Aid Kit

This item can come in handy if you are out and about (especially those summer travel baseball games) and need a bandage for a minor cut or if you end up in an accident. A first aid kit is a very good thing to have.

Ice Scraper

This item you may only use seasonally, but it is easier to just keep it in your car so that you are not stuck without one when it actually does snow or get frosty. You must be able to see out of your car.