Tips For Securing Home Before Going On Vacation

Summertime and vacation go together like milk and cookies. But like spoiled milk, a burglary while away from home ruins your fun. Before you take time to prepare for your vacation, squeeze in some time to secure your home. Potential burglars may target your home while you are away, especially for extended periods. This post will provide tips for securing your home before going on vacation. 

Say Hi To The Neighbors 

One of the best ways to secure your home from being robbed is making it look like you never left. If you aren’t home to do routine maintenance such as taking the trash to the curb/alley or mowing the lawn, it shows. Potential burglars notice signs like those and others such as your car being parking in the same spot for an extended period. A friendly neighbor can help you keep up with maintenance while you are gone, and they are close enough to monitor your home as well. 

Unfortunately, not everyone is friendly with their neighbors. In this case, asking a close friend or family member to look over your home is the next best option. Some people find it easier just having a close friend or family member stay at their home while they are away as well. If you can’t find someone to help, you can leave some lamps on and have the post office collect hold your mail. 

Lock – Down

Often times people use”break-in” to describe a burglary, insinuating that a person physically broke a window, door, or something get into a home. However, this is a misleading label, because sometimes burglars walk through an open door or cracked window. Making sure the windows are shut and locked often sits in the back of peoples minds when leaving for vacation. Less commonly forgotten about is locking doors. 

Although you may remember to lock a door, burglars may pick common locks . If you are going to be going on vacation, secure your home with a smart lock. Some smart locks allow you to unlock/lock doors remotely and allows you to send a temporary code to friend or family member you trust to look over your home. 

Smile, Your On Camera 

Not in touch with neighbors? Is no family close nearby? Investing in a home security system helps secure your home while on vacation. Certain systems can alert authorities if someone enters your home, some come with sensors that can detect a broken window, but they all secure your home. Obviously, the more technologically advanced systems, such as ones with cameras and sensors are more expensive than others. 

Other home security systems, such as installing motion detection lights, are less costly. Sometimes just a simple flood light is enough to make a potential burglar think twice about entering your home. Keep in mind, burglars would rather go for an easy target, and its easier to operate in the dark. Supplement the motion detection lights with a decal or yard sign from a home security company. Having the sign on your lawn, doors, windows, combined with the lights may give a burglar the illusion you have a security system. 

Take Home Message 

The security of your home, especially when you will be gone for an extended period, is vital. If you plan on being away from home, consider having a neighbor, family member, or close friend look after your home. If you do not have someone to watch your home, consider investing in a security system. No matter what you choose, be sure to secure all windows and doors before leaving. 

In the event that someone does manage to break in and/or damage your home, it pays to have insurance. Insurance Navy can help you find homeowners or renters insurance policy to help keep your home secure.