Tips To Stay Safe During New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is on its way, so that means celebrations and parties are around the corner. People will be out having a fun time. While it’s a good time for celebrations, there are still dangers to avoid. Here are some tips to stay safe during New Year’s Eve.

 Plan Your Night

Before New Year’s Eve comes around you should start planning or have an idea of what you want to do that night. Talk to friends or family and see what everyone wants to do, then plan accordingly. A bad habit that people have this night is going places last minute and rushing. Weather is not the most ideal during this time of year so it could take longer to get to where you want to go.

If you actually plan on hosting a party, make sure you plan for the safety of not only yourself but also your guests. Make the house child proof if kids will be in attendance. Keep your guests updated on the weather in case something happens and it would be safer for everyone to remain at home.

Designated Driver or Uber/Lyft

When going out, everyone is looking to have a good time. Getting to the spot or spots require that you have a ride. As well as when the night is over and you need to get home. If you’re going out, have someone you trust be your driver. It should be the one friend that doesn’t plan on doing any drinking, and definitely not the friend that taking 5-6 shots. You should always take into account how much partying everyone plans on doing. If everyone is planning on drinking then make sure to have a rideshare app ready on standby or a place to call a cab.

If you plan on driving a Uber or Lyft, make sure you have the necessary equipment and insurance to keep your worries to a minimum.

Know Your Limits

As with most celebrations, alcohol will be in attendance most likely wherever you go. If you plan on drinking make sure to plan and prepare your body. This means you should have dinner before you start to drink so your stomach is full. Also be sure to drink water beforehand as well, it will help stave off the alcohol a bit better. Be sure to check that any friends you are with get some food as well.

Be aware of when enough is enough, not only for you but your friends as well. If the drinking is becoming too much then stop before it gets worse and catch that ride home. Keep an eye on the people around that aren’t friends. If you see someone that seems to be too inebriated to walk or something, be a good Samaritan and get them some help. Also never leave your drink unattended, for as much as people are looking for a good time on this night, there are people that are looking to ruin it.

Have Fun Safely

Most importantly have fun when celebrating New Year’s. This is a joyous occasion to be celebrated, just make sure to be safe when you do. That means no dangerous stunts from you or the friends. This goes especially for the champagne portion of the night that includes the corks. Those things can reach up to 50mph when popped, so be mindful of those around you when your pop those.
Always keep safety at the forefront of your mind, and everything should work out well. Enjoy your New Year’s.