Top 3 Motorcycle Road Trip Destinations

Biker’s know there is something special about the open road and some scenery. Depending on where you live, you may be plagued with constant traffic or bad weather. Your location and the season’s weather leads many bikers to store away their 2-wheelers. But the yearning to get onto the open road remains, which can only mean one thing. Motorcycle road trip. 

After consulting a view travel websites I have compiled a small list of popular motorcycle destinations. The 3 locations chosen came from lists published by Fodor’s Travel, One Travel, and National Geographic. Each location is based in the US so they are accessible. Depending on where you are in the US, you may want to consider driving a car with the motorcycle attached by a trailer

Pacific Coast Highway

This highway on the Pacific Coast run 550 miles long, which is most of the California coast. Included in this trip are breathtaking views, plenty of seaside towns, and of course plenty of roads. Cautions for this road include other travelers in RVs since this is a popular route for many people road-tripping. The Ideal stretch for motorcycle road trips is the 125 mile stretch from Big Sur to Morro Bay. 

Blue Ridge Parkway

This stretch of road is located in Virginia and through North Carolina and runs about 469 miles long. The route includes views of the famous Blue Ridge Mountains, which turn a bluish hue at certain points in the day, and the Appalachian Mountains. There are plenty of campgrounds, some with log cabins, so you can take your time on this one. This is not a commercial route, which means lower traffic but also increased the distance between fuel-up points.

Route 66

Whether it is a car or bike, Route 66 is a classic for road trips. Unlike the previous two destinations, this route runs through much of the US, from Chicago to LA and plenty of stops in between. A motorcycle road trip on this route would be well over 2,000 miles long, so hopefully, you have plenty of vacation days. 

Road Trip Assistance

Of course, with any motorcycle road trip, you want to be prepared for accidents or breakdowns. Aside from medical/emergency kits, and insurance another way to guarantee you get help is signing up for roadside assistance. It can cost as little as $10 a year and has 24/7 service providers and covers labor and towing.

Take-Home Message

There are plenty of places in the US to take a nice motorcycle road trip, but this list contains 3 of the most popular ones. Take a break from the stress of traffic, the smells of exhaust, and get out on an open road near you.