Use the Discover Lil’ d App for a Fun, Frothy Pub Crawl

Published on: Tue, Jan 21, 2020

I love apps. Cheese fries, potato skins and, of course, the tried and true app sampler with cheese fries, potato skins and

EDITOR’S NOTE: As this point, Tyler’s gracious, loving editor lovingly (and with minimal chiding) reminded him that this blog is about mobile applications, not appetizers. 

I love apps. Sure, there seems to be an app for everything nowadays, but isn’t that the beauty of it? We live in such exceptional, advanced times that we have apps for just about everything. Want to order food like, say, cheese fries or potato skins? There’s an app for that! But what if you could have the best of both worlds? What if there was an app that took you on a tour of all the can’t-miss creative and culinary experiences available in our city? Well, there’s an app for that–ours! 

The Discover Denton app is essentially a handheld guide to so much of what Denton has to offer you. From music to murals, landmarks and lunch spots, the app can help you discover events, eats and treats for a night on the town or a tour across it. The “tours” section of the app features pre-made walking tours of some of Denton’s hot spots. That’s where the pub crawl comes in. We’ve gone the extra mile by mapping out the quick routes you can take to hit as many pubs as your heart and your taste buds crave in one single night. The list includes spots like Armadillo Ale Works, Denton County Brewing Company, Howling Mutt Brewery, Dan’s Silver Leaf and The Bearded Monk.

The tours even include a map and turn-by-turn instructions!

As you browse the app’s comprehensive list of locales (think of it as all of in one app), all you need to do is press a button to add an event or establishment to your running list of “must-visit” locations. But being the giving, guru types that we are, we’ve taken the liberty of creating a few readily available tours for you. You read that right: with a few clicks on your phone, you can download our app and have a bar crawl or mural tour right at your fingertips. It’s a date night, girls night out and family outing app all in one. From the home page, click the Tours square, then scroll to “Plan Your Own Craft Beer Walk”. It even will pull up a map!

So what are you waiting for? Those perfect pints at East Side aren’t going to drink themselves, and neither are the crafty creations at Oak St. Drafthouse. Download the app and launch your tour tonight. Meanwhile, I’ll be waiting to see what other tours I can add to make your visit more fun. Don’t worry; I have some apps to keep me fed and happy.

Download the Discover Lil’d app from the iOS App Store or Google Play and have all of our website at your fingertips!