Wendi McGowan-Ellis – Leading the Local Media Landscape in Frisco

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Interview #100

“The fact is that 6 years ago, when Scott and I started Lifestyle Frisco, I was as near as possible a different person than I am today. I, as I am now, didn’t exist at all. Will the same thing happen in the next 6 years? I hope so.” ~ Wendi McGowan-Ellis.  Fielding questions from the writers on our team, watch as Wendi sits in the PROFILES hot seat in a turning-the-tables 100th episode! 

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Show Notes:

00:46 – In high school, Wendi would have been voted “Most Likely To…”
01:40 – What was Wendi’s first job
02:35 – What is Wendi’s “nerdy” holiday tradition
04:11 – Who would Wendi invite to a dinner party
04:41 – Who inspires Wendi
06:28 – What is Wendi’s favorite genre of book
07:30 – What one thing about Frisco would Wendi change
08:47 – What’s Wendi’s favorite thing about Frisco

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