You’re Invited to Be a Part of the Rush Cycle Family

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Just a few weeks ago, two Louisiana Tech University Bulldogs and brothers, Jeremy and Justin Smith, opened the doors to Rush Cycle in Frisco.

The lights were dimmed. The music was turned up. And Frisco was invited to party on a bike.

Rush Cycle Frisco LogoThey want you to feel right at home from the moment you step inside of the studio, as evident by the non-intimidating and inclusive culture amongst the front desk staff, instructors, and riders.

It’s like a family. Which is fitting since Rush Cycle is a family-run business…

Inspired by family, fitness, and Frisco.

What inspired the Smith brothers to jump on the fastest-growing indoor cycling franchise in the nation? Let’s cycle back in time a bit…

As they say in the film My Big Fat Greek Wedding, “the man is the head, but the woman is the neck. She can turn the head any way she wants.” After Katie Smith saw Rush Cycle on the reality TV show, OutDaughtered, she was set on the idea of owning an RC franchise. She told her husband Jeremy, “We need to check this brand out.”

They marinated on the Rush Cycle idea until the time was right. Fast forward a little while… “Why not make it a family affair?!”

Jeremy reached out to his brother Justin and wife Whitney to see if they had any interest in Rush Cycle. Why not explore the possibilities of the Cali indoor cycling brand together?

rush cycle family

After all, with 8,300 people making their way to DFW from California each year, there continues to be a market for all things Cali. And, with Frisco residents in a fitness fever, it looked like a win.

So, the Smith clan boarded a Cali-bound flight to meet with Rush Cycle’s founders.

Where do we sign?

Founders of Rush Cycle, Corey Spangler and Tim Suski, go way back. The childhood friends and surf buddies started the biz in their apartment garage. Although the guys were in different fields professionally, they enjoyed surfing and exercise.

rush cycle frisco txThe two friends especially loved the fun, hype, and community experienced in a spin class. This led to the conception of Rush Cycle. The brand managed to gain a cult following that has expanded across the nation.

Spangler and Suski invited the Smiths to try out a class. “It killed us but we had so much fun,” said Jeremy. They also liked the brand’s focus on inclusivity and community.

It felt like the show Cheers! You walk in and everybody knows your name. The people are glad you’re there. No one is left out.

The Smith’s wanted to jump on board and knew there was no place better than Frisco. As a city known for its thriving economy and continuous migration, it was the perfect spot to open a cycling boutique.

(Listen as Jeremy and Justin Smith share the Rush Cycle-Frisco story on The Frisco Podcast.)

Let’s ride.

When you walk through the doors of Rush Cycle Frisco, you’ll be greeted by a friendly and helpful staff. There’s an eclectic vibe that feels fun, inclusive, and motivating.

rush cycle 6.jpegOn the wall, inspirational words tug at your heart in Rush’s signature orange and white motif: Conquer, Restore, Fire, Burn, Free, Push, Energy…

From there, you’ll enter a dimly lit room with 43 spin bikes. For forty-five exhilarating minutes, you’ll perform a high-intensity yet low impact workout that offers a fantastic adrenaline rush!

The combination of sitting and standing movements engage your upper and lower body and strengthen the core, not to mention also boost your cardio capacity to new levels. Justin says,

It’s a rhythmic workout. The instructors will keep you dancing on the bikes throughout the entire class. “The cycling room offers a fun club-like sensation.

When it doubt, pedal it out.

Jeremy and Justin believe that your workout should be both effective and fun. Once the lights dim and the music turns up, you will know that it’s time to party on your bike!

We’ve got loud music and a dark room, with the occasional blackout of lights. The AC is pumping to keep everyone focused on their own goals and to get what they want out of each ride. There’s not a big projection board showing whether you’re in first or last place. As crazy as it may sound, this may be the most fun and intense workout you’ll ever find.

Before opening Rush Cycle Frisco, the Smiths hand-selected an elite team of instructors. Studio Manager, Meghan Saunders, and Lead Instructor, Toni Tegeler, have invaluable experience and strong vision.

Their passion exceeds fitness and cycling to also include a dedication to people. Jeremy and Justin say they’re paving Rush Cycle Frisco’s road for success.

All of the cycling instructors have been through the brand’s extensive training program and demonstrate a passion for their role in guiding clients through both fun and fitness.

That 45 minutes of riding will fly by as you conquer hills and push yourself through speed bursts alongside fellow enthusiasts. (The well-earned, short recovery periods will feel like a piece of heaven!)

Rush Cycle Frisco

Beyond the Bike

Spinning is a low-impact, high cardio activity. That means you’ll experience all of the fitness benefits, but with less damage to your joints. With years of experience selling orthopedic implants under their belts, this is something Jeremy and Justin understand well and tout as a benefit of the Rush Cycle workout.

Spinning is a great cardio workout! It’s less stress on your joints than running and it’s an exercise almost anybody can do. And perform without harming themselves… Nobody is asking you to put 50lbs over your head and run three laps around the building. Nothing but respect for individuals who can do that…but it’s not for everybody.

Ready to ride?

Your first class and shoe rental are FREE, so it’s really a no-brainer. If you want to be a part of a fitness community that aspires to challenge your fitness and make you feel at home, try Rush Cycle. They want YOU to be a part of their pedaling pack.

The Smith family is so energized about their future with Rush Cycle, they already have expansion plans! In early 2020, they’ll open a second location in nearby McKinney, Texas.

Sunday: 5:30 am – 10:30 am
Mon-Thurs: 5:30 am – 8:00 pm
Friday: 5:30 am – 6:30 pm
Saturday: 5:30 am – 10:30 am

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